a sweet comment from a friend….back in 2008….a farewell today from me…

Μια συμβουλή :
Να προσέχεις
Μια παράκληση:
Μην αλλάξεις

Μια ευχή
Μη με ξεχνάς

Ένα ψέμα:
Δε σ’αγαπώ και

Μια αλήθεια:Μου λείπεις…..

Published in 2008


  • how difficult  is to say goodbye….
Our friendship lasted almost 17 years….
We cared of each other and respected one another…despite our character’s differences….
I am not sure how I feel right now…..empty??
 But oh no, I am full of good memories and thoughts …
I hold your  dolphins- my glass menagerie and jewelry…..as a commemoration of  our friendship…
Farewell my good friend, 

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