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Vintage MIKASA Mount Holyoke bone china 4 sale

The history of MIKASA             

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Mikasa Mikasa China is not a manufacturer per se, but a distributor that has cultivated relationships with more than 150 manufacturers worldwide to produce its line of china, crystal, flatware and decorative accessories. The Mikasa name is often licensed to other companies, and appears on patterns made by Studio Nova/Savoir Vivre, Christopher Stuart, and Oscar de la Renta. Many older Mikasa china patterns also bear the name Narumi, a Japanese manufacturer. Mikasa, which translates as “The Company,” was established in America in 1948. The company is based in Secaucus, New Jersey, and focuses on marketing and design of its products. There is a wide variety of Mikasa china and tableware available, including bone china, ceramics, stoneware, stainless flatware, and casual and fine stemware. Early Years. Established as an importing company in the 1930s, it was not until the 1950s that the Mikasa China Company added ceramic dinnerware to their list of imported products. Due to its success over the following decades, dinnerware became their primary product imported and distributed.By the end of the 1950s, their dinnerware had grown increasingly popular in department stores such as Bloomingdale’s, Macy’s, and the May Company. In the 1960s they introduced the name Mikasa which quickly associated with quality, value, and fashion.Strategic Expansion. In the mid 1970s, Mikasa carefully designed a plan for expansion. The plan broadened their assortment of products and developed new avenues to sell their products.A primary purpose of the expansion plan was to diversify our product selection. Sensing that their customers wanted more than just dinnerware, they introduced an extensive assortment of crystal stemware, stainless flatware, crystal server ware, table linens, crystal gifts, picture frames, ceramic vases, and household accessories.In addition to their Mikasa brand name, they also introduced several other brands each addressing a different lifestyle. Studio Nova was designed for young (and young-at-heart) shoppers who usedinnerware in a casual environment, often in the kitchen. Home Beautiful was created to be very durable for day-to-day casual living at budget-conscious prices. Christopher Stuart was developed for the customer who wants a broad selection of styles at a great value.The second element of their 1970s expansion plan was to increase the number of avenues in which they sold their product. Having already found success in department stores, they opened a tiny warehouse store in the area of their Secaucus, New Jersey distribution facility in 1978. They continued to gradually open stores during the 1980s and found that as they opened them, consumer awareness of their brands and product diversity grew.Their Competitive Edge. Fashion has always been the component that separates Mikasa from their competitors. Their style and pattern selection is constantly changing tastes. They are able to do this because, unlike other tabletop companies, they do not own or operate any manufacturing facilities.Instead, they out source (contact with privately owned factories) the manufacturing of their products to approximately 150 factories in over 20 countries throughout the world. This strategy affords them the flexibility needed to adjust their production quickly and efficiently in response to the changing needs and tastes of their customers.Today. In little more than 50 years, Mikasa has made its mark in the field of tabletop and home accessories in the United States. They have become a fundamental part of department and specialty stores tabletop sales and their Factory Stores span the United States. (The tiny New Jersey store still exists – nearly 7 times its original size.) They operate distribution centers on both the east and west coasts and our international ventures are now taking them to Europe.To the outside world, Mikasa is considered a classic American success story. At Mikasa, they feel the best chapters are yet to come.

Vintage MIKASA Mount Holyoke  bone china dinnerware set  4 sale

Elegant , bright, white center bordered by a wide, black band inscribed with ornate, scrolled leaves and flowers in gold(24k and cobalt) numbered A1-114 . 

The set of 50 pcs  has never been used , is in a mint condition, without cracks or chips and consists of:

9 dinner plates, 10-5/8″ d
9 salad plates, 7-1/2″ d
9 bread and butter plates (or dessert or small salad), 6-1/2″ diameter
8 cups
9 saucer
1 creamer and sugar set with lid
1 butter tray
2 round vegetable serving bowls
1 oval serving platter

Suitable for a wedding present from parents to daughters!

Shipping costs from Greece outweigh the purchaser.
(if bought independently , e.g.  for a cup and plate,  selling price : 10,00 euros + 40 euros shipping)
Open for proposals. 
Bidding price: 800,00euros
Contact the owner :
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