All year round small cottage rental


Small cottage at Kokkino Limanaki

A small cottage house near the port of Rafina(second largest port of Attica).The area is called ” kokkino limanaki”-RED PORT.
The house is located in a small hill overlooking the sea .Beach distance only 6-8 minutes walk, or 2-3 minutes by car.
It is furnished, and is ideal for a family with 2 kids. It can be either rented for the whole year, or for the summer months or for a minimum monthly stay  for relaxed summer vacations.
In 10 -15 minutes one can be at the port and easily have either a daily cruise , or be able to visit the islands of Cyclades (Mykonos, Andros..etc).
Kokkino Limanaki is near Marathon ,where one can have an excusrion in the area of the famous Marathon battle….


Two kilometres from the Port of Rafina is Kokkino Limanaki. Though not technically an organised beach, it has a lifeguard stationed for safety.

Because of easy access, Kokkino Limanaki is one of the busiest beaches in the area.

small cozy kitchen    

The small cottage is only 30 kilometers away from Athens and the Athens Airport. The neighbourhood is friendly. The spot is ideal for relaxed vacations

  • More info about  the Kokkino Limanaki Beach from INFITETRIPS
Kokkino Limanaki Beach
Kokkino Limanaki Beach

Welcome to Kokkino Limanaki Beach in Athens . Here you will find more info about Kokkino Limanaki Beach which is one of the best places to visit in Athens , do sightseeing and eat. It is one of the weekend gateway, a tourist spot and a tourist attraction in Athens . This place is visited by many people every year from different parts of the world. This place can be enjoyed by all age groups from kids to elders.Kokkino Limanaki Beach in Athens which means the red port in Greek is a beautiful concoction of sand and pebbles. This beach is not very popular or well organized. Its attraction lies in the simplicity that it depicts.  Away from the tedious routine life this beach forms the perfect place for a relaxing weekend. The ambience at this beach is quiet and clam that will take you into other dimension where you will experience yourself being natured in the arms of environment. The water here is calm, clean and crystal clear that is most suitable for swimming. The underwater life at this beach is astounding. One can wear on their scuba diving suits and explore the underwater life.  Accommodation facilities are available near the beach. There are many bars and restaurants that will provide you a variety of mouth watering dishes. The music played at these places will give you a fine dining experience. You can also tap your feet on the dance floor to the rocking music being played.

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