The word “MACEDONIA “is GREEK -PLEASE VOTE world/macedonia/ TAAAAFN23PMGMJ147
== Etymology ==
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The name ”Macedonia” derives from the [[Greek language|Greek]] Μακεδονία (”Makedonía”),{{cite web|url=|title=Henry George Liddell, Robert Scott, A Greek-English Lexicon, Μακεδονία|publisher=}}{{cite web|url=|title=Online Etymology Dictionary|publisher=}} a [[Macedon|kingdom]] (later, [[Macedonia (region)|region]]) named after the [[ancient Macedonians]]. Their name, Μακεδόνες (”Makedónes”), is cognate to the [[Ancient Greek]] adjective [[Makednos|μακεδνός]] (”makednós”), meaning “tall, slim”. It was traditionally derived from the [[Indo-European]] root ”*mak-”, meaning ‘long’ or ‘slender’, but according to modern research by [[Robert S. P. Beekes|Robert Beekes]] both terms are of [[Pre-Greek substrate]] origin and cannot be explained in terms of Indo-European morphology.{{citation |first=Robert |last=Beekes |author-link=Pre-Greek substrate |title=Etymological Dictionary of Greek |volume=II |pages=894 |publisher=Brill |year=2010 |location=Leiden, Boston}} However, Beekes’ views are not mainstream.


14,500 square meters of Land to be sold at Andros Island,


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14,500 squared meters of land at SARAKINIKO -GAVRIOU -ANDROS Island at Cyclades.

The photos speak of themselves.



CELL PHONE: +30 -693 67 35 880

Korean war ….reminisence

Dad, Protoclitos Karameros, retired Army General, Korean  war Veteran , decorated officer, not only from the Greek Army, but of the Korean Ministry as well as of the UN…..always reminiscences himself and his fellow officer’s deeds…..

Now suffering from beginning of  Alzheimer……he doesn’t remember recent things or even us -his family (me and my mum) ….but he recalls the long 3 year and a half journey ……to Korea….

Please find below some snapshots

of me and my parents :

apo to nokia xl 042 - Copy
Karameros Protoclitos with his family, in 1960. Vintage photo
apo to nokia xl 091
Dad at Starbucks, Vrilissia area, enjoying his grande hot chocolate and carrot cake!
apo to nokia xl 250
Mum (Irene) and dad (Prot) strolling at Saint Andreas Army Recreation Center (Aug. 2015)
apo to nokia xl 378
Dad in uniform , …I think in 1978…
apo to nokia xl 383
Mum (Irene) , Dad(Prot) at my house (November 2015)


My Patron Saint .

apo to nokia xl 016
Photo taken from a small beach chapel.
apo to nokia xl 030
A painting of Saint Andreas, offer of my father Protoclitos
apo to nokia xl 053
My effort …to paint…..
apo to nokia xl 290
Above my bed ….the “holy” , the “miraculous” icon of my PROTECTOR Saint.

apo to nokia xl 017

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