Extreme circumstances require extreme measures

Lately humanity is facing an unknown foe (unknown in its behavior for the time being) .

Fear is spread all over, and the corona  virus has “conquered” not only our bodily health, but our sanity as well.

The rise of corona virus cases and the death toll got us by surprise.

We have seen the inhumane efforts of the Chinese people, to contain the virus in so many ways, and their struggles is a good example to all countries…..that are rapidly affected .

What is surprising to us, is their DISCIPLINE!!!!!!

A virtue not known to most of us….their obedience and code of behavior for the common good, should be exemplary!

The title of my article is influenced by the rules that are slowly slowly going to be imposed to my country …and the saying “EXTREME CIRCUMSTANCES REQUIRE EXTREME MEASURES” reminded me of an APHORISM……The  ancient Greek physician Hippocrates, used the saying :

“For extreme diseases, extreme methods of cure, as to restriction, are most suitable.”.

As people of free spirit, we were always rebellious in any form of pressure and most of the times unnecessarily disobedient….

But now, this is a different form of pressure which is being enforced and we must abide by the rules the Greek government imposes….

We must protect not only ourselves, but the people around us.

When the government imposes a restriction, is not for fun!!

Conferences are going to be postponed, elderly gatherings, and school outings are going to be cancelled.Christening maybe, Congregations of any form…..maybe…..athletic organisations without any spectators……

Cases that have been tracked is a WARNING…of the rapid spreading  of this noval corona virus.

Due to my fear, I am self sustained and imposed a “mini quarantine to myself!!!”

It is my individual responsibility to PROTECT MY SELF and the PEOPLE IN MY SURROUNDING too, and vice versa !!!!




written on March 9th,2020