Shocking news today, after scrolling down the Facebook feed…..

40 days already?

I Happened to “meet ” Stanley Sfekas through a TV emission called ” APOCRYPHAL HARMONY”…Among distinguished guests ,Professors, Academicians, Paul Pissanos, the presenter or rather the host, initiated us in the Greek Philosophy, namely his beloved sector the Aristotelian one.

I happened to meet Dr. Sfekas at Paul Pissanos office, working hard in the OLYMPUS ASSOCIATION with the Great Idea of Paul Pissanos HEPTAPOLIS….among many other dignitaries…..

Stanley was a member of one of my groups in Facebook ,called FRIENDS OF THE MAN FROM UNCLE and was one of the first ‘AGENTS’ to join my group.

He became a member in my 2nd group and participated in his own way ….promoting his beloved country : GREECE

Sissy Prot Karamerou is with Stanley Sfekas.

AND NOW SOMETHING INTERESTING THAT CONCERNS MY COUNTRY! Thanks to Dr. Sfekas message in my messenger…/18-hollywood-movies-to…/ — with Stanley Sfekas.


Stanley Sfekas (Greek: Στάνλεϋ Σφήκας; born 1942……2022 )was Professor Emeritus of Philosophy and Religion at the University of Indianapolis– Athens Campus and was born in the United States. After receiving his B.A. in Philosophy and English from the University of Maryland, he went on to earn both his M.A. and Ph.D. in Philosophy from New York University. His doctoral dissertation is titled 

The Problem of Individuation in Aristotelian Metaphysics. Sfekas has taught in various institutions of higher education including Brooklyn College of the City University of New York, The New York Institute of TechnologyGeorge Washington University in Washington D.C., and the American College of Southeastern Europe.

Sfekas has also published scholarly articles and books and has been a critic for the American Philosophical Association and several international journals. He has been the book critic for the international journal, Philosophical Inquiry. He has also been the educational advisor to the Fulbright Foundation in Greece.

As a public lecturer in the Athenian academic community, Sfekas has delivered over 150 public lectures since 1986 and frequently appeared on Greek television(6) as an academic spokesman. Apart from his scholarly publications, he has translated, between 1995 and the present, the scripts of seven historical films and 35 archaeological documentaries. He was also the philosophical consultant to the various productions.

Sfekas appeared in 12 televised episodes of the documentary From Aristotle to Hawking, a Pissanos Production, speaking on Aristotleand Ancient Greek Cosmology. The series that has been translated and distributed globally was nominated by members of the Academy of Athens for the 2008 Templeton Prize. Sfekas is the translator of the series from the Greek to the English language.


FROM ARISTOTELIANISM TO EXISTENTIALISM: THE PROBLEM OF BEINGΔιεθνές Φιλοσοφικό Forum «Ανάδρασις» Τόμος Πρακτικών ANADRASIS ISBN: 978-618-82935-0-2. 2016.

Being has been the central and dominating concept of twenty-five hundred years of Western philosophy. Ontology is the branch of metaphysics that concerns itself with the nature of being. In this sense it is at the core of metaphysics and is the central problem of philosophy. As Aristotle has put it, “That which now and always has been asked and now and always perplexes us is the question: ‘what is being?’” Aristotle did not use the word ontology, but called the study of being, “First Philosophy”. The special sciences study being “in some way”, το ον πως, whereas “first philosophy” studies being as being, being qua being, being as it is in itself; το ον η ον, or as Plato had put it before him, the being of being, το όντως ον. First philosophy, therefore, is a science which is prior to all the other sciences and is therefore termed the science of sciences, επιστήμη επιστημών.