A year ago, I started creating my 2nd group, which I named it FRIENDS OF THE MAN FROM UNCLE…

Accidents in social media may happen and my account (I think was hacked and for my security was locked) …After many efforts , I just gave up for today….I tried to make a BACK UP PAGE…but..no avail!!!..

So, I decided to let it sleep…..

Tomorrow is another day!

The habit everyday to contact with my 3700 friends and 900 followers …for a while will stop until I gain control of my account again…

The daily wishes for the birthday people….will have to wait….

The welcoming of my new AGENTS or members will have to wait.

The creation of UNCLE BADGES must wait too…..

I will find a way to retrieve everything ….I don’t know how much it will take me…I will find my way!

You may find me :

email : anastasia_karamerou@yahoo.com

twitter : @prinzipessa

ANASTASIA *Sissy* KARAMEROU this is how I appear in YOU TUBE