We are on the alert AGAIN , arsonists continue to spread fire and calamity!

Resurgence and evacuation efforts.

People of the villages ,except the older ones UNITE FORCES with volunteers, firemen, Greek and foreign…

Self abnegation is a must those days..for most citizens, who wish NOT TO EVACUATE but struggle for their properties.

Citizens of Evia are tried almost one week now, since the fire has created it’s own microclimate, swirls around and devours everything in its way!

Yesterday, while i was at my cottage (an area previously hit by fire in July 23rd, 2018) i was watching the firefighters flying over Evia island (from the part of Evoiakos gulf) , this was not seen by the other parts of Evia towards the Aegean Sea….

People criticize, without having the slightest notion of the way firefighting is done!

When the civil protection had simultaneously 156 fires to face and assist the land firemen to extinguish the fires.

It is arson, we can realize it. Arrests have been made and I hope punishments accordingly.

Now, I go to my title of my post.

Lately, and after the corona virus , we have been so aggressive, so critic maniacs, we quarrel with friends,

and have an opinion on just about everything
without having the necessary knowledge or specialization…… WE, sit safely at our couches, we watch the fires taking place, and we start the critic via social media….

The fact that lives are not lost, doesn’t satisfy a minority of people who, as the Greeks say, and favorite expression of my father are ” ξεγανωτοι τενεκεδες” ….in other words not educated people and dead ignorant , scatterbrained and petty and vindictive……