Due to recent ” encounter” … a friend of mine had, I wish to make a reminder to all of us!

Beware my friends, men and women can be scammed easily.

After a long search , which is dated back in the past ( around 7 years ) I came across GOOGLE PLATFORM for reversing images and managed to locate the scammer’s IP (if you know how to dig in the source and have some knowledge of a “language”!!!!! you can do it!

Unfortunately, almost all the social media are “flooded” with fake identities. Fake personalities, nice looking guys or girls that behind there is a person who either is satisfied in scamming, or wishes to get revenge because he/she was scammed too, or an easy way to get money (so they think) out of the gullible!

To make the story short, here are my pieces of advice for you!

Never give money to anyone.

Never trust anyone,

Scammers tend to present themselves as high ranked officials, and instead of been at the work ,they are constantly in front of the screen fishing their next victim…..

They give phony names, even the photos on their profile are stolen from innocent victims….

Most of them are widowed…so they say…

They pretend their kids are in boarding schools.

They pretend that they have been deployed in a certain war area for more than a year…..or 2 ….As a daughter of an military officer I know better!

They don’t have official emails…..and if they do, they mix numbers in their email.

They prefer to use apps, that work only with an email…..refusing to give a legal mobile number ….and if they do , they are usually using burning ones!

I could write more and give examples, but my mouth is sealed….my friends who had had the experience do not wish to make any revelation and I respect that.

As my last advice, please follow the link, read and accordingly you may act and ask for assistance!


This is not April’s fool.