Keping safe even when vacationing….

Please, stay safe in the hurricane. ❤️ - Cookie Cats Blast ...


The polymerise chain reaction (PCR) test is the standard test used to determine whether an individual is infected by COVID-19.

Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) Key Principles

This standard test is used by the Greek Medical Authorities in order to find out whether an individual is infected by COVID-19 .

It is common use lately and especially now that visitors wish to visit Greece.

In my opinion, our friends from abroad ought to have done the molecular test themselves 72 hours prior their visit… to ease their head and anxiety!!!!

The test is said to be sensitive and accurate.

I had a drink the other day at Mykonos BREEZE BAR, at the area of Little Venice, and the waiter told me about the obligatory test. He felt uneasy….so, he preferred the other test using a finger prick a little like a test for diabetes.This kind of test is rapid, but i am not sure of accuracy though.

Everybody, here in Greece tries each best and uses protocols and guidelines so to secure either the safe entry in the country, or the safe keeping of all the citizens.

Though, our TRAINING :


Merrily Washing


Cartoon Mask Images, Stock Photos & Vectors | Shutterstock


People keeping distance for infection risk and disease from corona ...

has proved right and everybody must not loosen due to vacations feelings…..


Please, stay safe in the hurricane. ❤️ - Cookie Cats Blast ...

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