Coincidence or pattern?

There are records in history books of outbreaks of floods, earthquakes, disasters and severe illnesses.

It is remarkable to remember that in every 100 years and in leap years (most times) deathly plaques scourged our planet.

Coincidence? or a mysterious pattern?

Odd connections you might say!

Every 100 years, from as far back as 1320s, there has always been some world wide plague that wiped out a huge population of the infected region.

From the books we remember:

a.- the  Bubonic Plague of the 1320s,

b.- the Black Death that some historians claim started around the later part of the 1420s or earlier.

c.- The Spanish Conquistadors who brought over small pox and subsequently ended the Aztec  Empire around 1520.

d.-There is of course the Mayflower of 1620, which lead to most of the people on the ship dying- as well as rats and smallpox and a little known thing known as the Coastal Plague effecting the New England region.

e.-In 1720, France suffered too.

f.- 1820s brought on 2 plagues known as The First Wave and The Second Wave of the Cholera Pandemic.

g.-We must not  forget in 1920, the  Spanish Flu  appeared .

h.- It is 2020 and we are living  the Corona virus.


Coincidence ?

I leave the comments on you.


March 11th,2020