Two long years without you… Father…

...words aren’t necessary….the photos speak of themselves….

Dedicated to my late father Protoclitos Karameros 


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A person’s history, moments of his life are not easy to be gathered… though a small effort is worth while …so that his 94 years of existence in our planet…didn’t  go wasted!

As his daughter , and only child , I feel the obligation to gather the most I can for his commemoration….his achievements….jot them down carefully , slowly in my effort to make a book…that I am still working on it , called BETRAYED. (A beginning and a couple of chapters have been uploaded  in this blog of mine…)

Memories of my childhood with my parents are vivid,

Memories of my adult life with my parents are also vivid , since I had the luck to live with them 60 whole years.

As all the families, we had our ups and downs…but respect for each other , love and  support  filled our common life.

I only regret I caused them pain with my unfortunate wedding….and my miscarriage…..


to be continued


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