Apocalypsis!!!! Dante’s Inferno at Kokkino Limanaki

The latest fire at the areas of Voutsas, Mati ,Kokkino Limanaki….shocked not only our country ,but almost all countries globally….

The fire ,the strong winds…caught us unawares!

The most shocking was the death roll…..

Families, especially children were trapped in a cliff….at kokkino limanaki…they were burned alive..embracing each other……

….tragical scene…, no one wishes to live.

The burned down houses can be rebuild!!! Until yesterday morning, I was told that my house was on fire……a few hours later I went on the spot ….and gave a sigh of RELIEF!!! 

People are missing, the fire brigade makes superhuman efforts since July the 23rd, not only to put down the fire and what also remains until now…… their effort still remains to locate missing people……

I wish  all the neighbors who lost their properties…..lost their loved ones……to ENDURE…never lose HOPE….


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