Today I become 61!!!

Can you believe it????

After the lament that still goes on…I decided to celebrate ME! MYSELF! My birth date , which is so important to me ….To celebrate me, the person I have grown to be! the person I will become.

Most times , due to the fact that I got divorced, I had a miscarriage…now I lost my dad…..I feel as if ME , MYSELF ,is the father , the mother, the sister the friend of myself…ME all these identities together.

I AM THE ARMY OF THE ONE!!!!!!!As the late friend Rigatos has once told me….

It is a gift …to Live and re-live , the  gift of LIFE …and expect  many more times , many more years to come to celebrate this special day.

I am grateful to my parents …THEY HAVE GIVEN ME BIRTH…..

I am grateful to Almighty God…I WAS GIVEN LIFE!

Wishing me, more years to come with joy….health….strength…..wisdom….prosperity…..

I wish to thank all my friends and acquaintances of the  social media we share things together for their wishes.

…So….let’s drink to ME !