Borrowing information from the Greek reporter and featured image:

and an OPEN LETTER of mine towards the U.S President Barrack Obama who  has landed safely at the Athens  International Airport couple of hours ago, and now, Mr. Obama and his escort officials are heading from their hotel towards the Greek Presidential Mansion….now that I am writing these lines.

” Your visit in Athens, I believe is very important. I am not a politician to analyse the purposes of your visit, but I can say, that you/were a very successful President since you were elected twice form the American people.

Not only your experience and knowledge but the experience of your  well selected team ,  hopefully will be “a compass” for the new President elect .

Listening to both anthems..right now at the Presidential Mansion…I felt extremely I believe most of the Greeks as well as the Americans that live in our country feel.

I wish Mr. President to have  a nice stay in Athens, I hope you  enjoy your both  visits in the New Acropolis Museum :( as well as in the new Stavros Niarchos Foundation:(, to enjoy the  most  of your time in Athens and I hope after the end of your Presidency to find time to visit Greece with your whole family.

Hoping for the best memories of your visit in Athens  Mr. President ,

I beat farewell,

Anastasia Karamerou




                                                                                                                        written by
                                                                                                             Anastasia Prot.Karamerou
                                                                                                             November the 15th. 2016