Fastest and safest browser- CNET-(hosted post)

When I first started ….”using” a laptop…in 1995…..obligatorily, cause the company I used to work, decided to “sell” us a laptop , and use it for presentations during our customers’ to enable us sell its products………I knew nothing of computers….

The English language was the KEY!!!

My knowledge of the language enabled me at first to use slowly-slowly my Toshiba satellite …..(by the way I still have it……and I am using it for storing useful files).

So, after many mistakes , after many infections…..and services….a friend of mine -a known photographer George Marinakis, was always giving me advice to use the CNET as a trustworthy site for free downloads….and scripts that explain how things work…..I followed his advice……since 1995!!!!!

Wanting to ameliorate my PC knowledge, I decided to attend PC courses, via the Long Life Learning at the Municipalities of Galatsi, and  Chalandri where many adults like me started learning how to use our PC safely, learned programs like (excel, word, access) PC languages…. how to make our own web site…etc.

All this time, whichever question I had/ have…..and I don’t have a technician ..”handy”….I always consult CNET.

Today, I decided to see about the fastest and safest browser and I am sharing CNET’S site , for you to see the results.

If you liked my reference , just press the button like….

written by

Anastasia Karamerou



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