My …..laptop’s … stories

If my laptop had a “tongue”……I should have listened to many of its warnings!!!!!Nevertheless without “speech” my laptop is telling me stories!!!! in its own way!

So , today , I decided to do some cleaning…..I bought a small USB vacuum ….or aspirator…..and enjoyed my laptop’s cleaning……I will check though via CNET the how to..…in order to clean …the inside of my laptop…..and see if it works better….

At the same time i deleted cookies and unnecessary  files…..meanwhile i have already given an order to compress my files in my disks…..

NOW , a tough question. Can I delete a file for good?????

  • Is data gone after erasing a file  from the disk?
  • Does it overwrite another file ….and its “path” still remains …..???
  • Is  there a way to completely erase files ??

….well, I must check this out!.  Ideas are welcomed !

Enough work’s  done for today!




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