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== Etymology ==
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The name ”Macedonia” derives from the [[Greek language|Greek]] Μακεδονία (”Makedonía”),{{cite web|url=|title=Henry George Liddell, Robert Scott, A Greek-English Lexicon, Μακεδονία|publisher=}}{{cite web|url=|title=Online Etymology Dictionary|publisher=}} a [[Macedon|kingdom]] (later, [[Macedonia (region)|region]]) named after the [[ancient Macedonians]]. Their name, Μακεδόνες (”Makedónes”), is cognate to the [[Ancient Greek]] adjective [[Makednos|μακεδνός]] (”makednós”), meaning “tall, slim”. It was traditionally derived from the [[Indo-European]] root ”*mak-”, meaning ‘long’ or ‘slender’, but according to modern research by [[Robert S. P. Beekes|Robert Beekes]] both terms are of [[Pre-Greek substrate]] origin and cannot be explained in terms of Indo-European morphology.{{citation |first=Robert |last=Beekes |author-link=Pre-Greek substrate |title=Etymological Dictionary of Greek |volume=II |pages=894 |publisher=Brill |year=2010 |location=Leiden, Boston}} However, Beekes’ views are not mainstream.